In our shop we can also provide a special service for finishing and painting model kits, including custom made ones (every model is a better call and chat about it).
Depending from customer requests prices may change from a model to another.
All those works are handmade by italian modellers externals to our shop, so it is hard to give a precise timing for the delivery of the finished model.
Who knows us, knows the quality of our job (and who visited us in our shop saw the quality we are talking about..)
For any request u can have, do not hesitate contact us at our e-mail
Consider also for the extreme details some models can reach, will be quite hard to plan a cheap expedition inside and outside Italy.
In the moment of the order we will require a NON refoundable money account,also here..depending from the final price we are talking (and before start it you will surely know the final price for your work)

Paolo Sibani

HERE you can see some samples of our works.. Many of theme are now inside italian historic museum, our main committments till today.